Sun Porches Planning now for Summer


Summer is a good while off.  Making plans now for getting your sunroom done is important.  Due to their built-in protection, sunrooms are considered an all-season space and have a versatility that is unmatched by any other area in your home. The options are truly endless and no matter the size of your sunroom, you are not limited to just picking one purpose. From a cozy breakfast place for your family or a chic gathering space for friends and colleagues, a quiet reading nook or a busy play space for your little ones, a gardening zone, or a unique twist on a home office. Creating a design that can function in a multitude of ways will ensure the maximum usage of this desired room.

When selecting paint colors for your sunroom, the color wheel is your oyster. White may not seem like a color option per se, but it is! White accentuates the open and airy feel of the indoor/outdoor space and plays on the abundance of natural light. Tones like light lavender can help make space feel cooler while hues like green, brown, blue, and gray enhance the nature-inspired mood of the room and melding the outdoors with the indoors. Consider a neutral and cohesive all over color for the room while adding accent colors with the furniture and decor and keep any darker colors near the floor.

Keep your windows bare to let light pour in and showcase the space beyond the room. While we do love window treatments if you opt to add some to your space, look for lightweight drapery in both material and color. This can allow for privacy without diminishing the purpose of the room and prevent the drapes from being a potential eyesore when opened.

To cash in on the multi-use idea, and for smaller rooms, look into pieces that can be easily rearranged or stored away. Options like folding stools can add seating when more people are present while allowing you to clear the space easily when the additional seating is not needed. Coffee tables and shelves with wheels can allow for quick and easy rearranging while keeping the storage and surface spaces intact. Create the ideal entertainment hub by including a dining table and chairs along with a portable drink station. A multipurpose seating area complete with a plush rug, cozy blankets, and throws, and some of your favorite potted plants can become a true hub of the home.

Speaking of plants, one of our favorite additions to sunrooms is a small potting station to hone your green thumb skills. Incorporating plants to your design have more benefits than you can imagine! Studies have shown the use of indoor plants can boost your mood, productivity, concentration, and creativity. They purify the air by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen.  Plants have also been found to lower heart rates and blood pressure as well as reduce fatigue and anxiety levels. Not to mention the added visual appeal plants and flowers add to indoor environments.

While the room is indoors, it is important to look for furniture that can handle the outdoor elements. This is to ensure the items you pick are not faded quickly due to the amount of natural sunlight they will be exposed to. Also consider if you live in a climate that has higher humidity levels as it will be important to pick a waterproof fabric or at the very least, fast drying. This can also come in handy if the area is being used for frequent gatherings as spills may be more likely to occur and these more durable fabrics can deter stains from spills as opposed to maybe your living room sofa. Another favorite of ours is to incorporate found or repurposed items. Found and repurposed items tend to be more rustic or well-loved and can add character without the added worry that the sun or humidity will age or damage them.