Here are 20 Tips for a house remodel

20 Tips for a house remodel

As found on Family Handyman

  1. Know Your End Goal
  2. Have a Budget
  3. Consult the Calendar
  4. Do Your Research
  5. Know Your Limits
  6. Ask for References
  7. Pack Up
  8. Consider Your Routine
  9. Establish Mission Control
  10. Protect the Kids
  11. Don’t Forget the Pets
  12. Plan for Outages
  13. Make a Master List
  14. Create Drawings
  15. Obtain Permits
  16. Plan a Reno-Free Zone
  17. Schedule Cleanup
  18. Plan Ahead
  19. Book the Help
  20. Check the Weather

When planning to have your house here in Delaware, and Maryland remodeled please take time to consider all of these.